Marnie Schneider

Marnie Schneider Brings NFL to House Near Scottish Rite

On Friday, Feb. 1, Super Bowl festivities arrived at the Peachtree Dunwoody House Philadelphia style when Marnie Schneider, granddaughter of Leonard Tose, brought Philadelphia cheesesteaks, former NFL players and a new Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog book to visit.

Marnie’s grandfather, Leonard Tose, former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, was instrumental in establishing the first Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia. “He did many things in his day, but without a doubt his crown jewel was helping found the first Ronald McDonald House,” Marnie says.

The mother of three children, Marnie understands the impact Ronald McDonald Houses have on families experiencing a health crisis. When her son, Jonathan, 19, was 9 months old, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and did not walk or talk until he was almost 5.

“I know it isn’t easy to deal with a sick child – it’s the worst of the worst,” Marnie says.

“I’m grateful for women like Beth and Jessica, everyone here who rolls up their sleeves and follows in this tradition,” Marnie says.

Marnie carries on her grandfather’s legacy by volunteering and writing children’s books, including her series, “Football Freddie & Fumble The Dog” featuring football cities. Her latest book, third in the series, takes readers through Atlanta and Georgia.

During her visit, Marnie shared her story, signed copies of the book and provided a lunch of Pat’s Philadelphia cheesesteaks, Mary Mac’s Peach Cobbler and Cape Whoopies, “so that everyone can get a taste of the cities represented in football,” Marnie says.

Former NFL players, Bobby Sewall and Mike Ingersoll visited Marnie. “It’s important to take time out of the day to give back,” Bobby says.

Marnie’s friend Cosmo DeNicola, shared a few words of encouragement with our families. “If you’re able to overcome something difficult – deal with it – you’re a champion,” Cosmo says. “The Ronald McDonald House is made up of champions.”

“I know everyone is going through something, their journey. Just know you have a lot of angels looking out for you who have been through these doors, these halls, and have done everything to make your experience as comfortable as possible,” Marnie says.