Brie Bergman

Meet Brie Bergman, our new digital content coordinator

Welcome back, Brie Bergman, a former intern who joined the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities marketing team as our digital content coordinator.

Brie interned with us in college then spent seven years in the corporate world before being drawn back into the world of philanthropy. “My days started to feel mundane and wasteful,” she says. “I missed feeling like I was making a difference and using my talents in a way that benefits others.”

The position’s sense of fulfillment and ability to make a difference was a powerful draw. “I recently had an experience that helps me to relate to the families at Atlanta RMHC on a personal level,” she says. “With that in mind, I am passionate about doing whatever I can to help them, and to make their journey a little less overwhelming.”

In her role, Brie creates blog posts, videos and content for our social media channels. “it’s important to me to help donors feel good about where their money is going and show them that it is being used in a way of which they’ll be proud.”

The hopeful environment at the Ronald McDonald House was another enticement, Brie says. “It’s a place filled with gratitude that you take with you at the end of the day and apply it to the rest of your life.”