The Conde Family

Meet Maria Conde and Her Daughters Who Make a Difference Each Summer

Maria Conde and her seven daughters celebrate a special tradition each year on June 8. They commemorate their baby sister, Elsie, with donations to the Ronald McDonald House near Egleston.

The Conde sisters

The Conde sisters load up the wagons at the House near Egleston.

“To express love for their sister and celebrate her earthly birthday, each year we purchase donations for Atlanta RMHC,” Maria says. “We deliver the donations on June 8, and we are flooded with the sweet memory of our daughter Elsie and all the love we received while staying at the House.”

Elsie was born with a hypo plastic left heart and passed away at 2 months old. The Conde family was one of the first families to stay at the Gatewood House in 2008.

“We spent the entire two months of her life at the Ronald McDonald House,” Maria says. “We feel so blessed that we could stay close to Egleston and be by her side as much as possible. Then late each night, we had comfortable accommodations to rest and rejuvenate our bodies and minds.”

Kelsey McCullough, volunteer manager for the Gatewood House, said the Condes’ annual donations make a difference in each summer.

“During the summer months our Houses are very full,” Kelsey says. “More families means we use up important items like coffee creamer, snacks, paper towels, etc., on a daily basis. Contributions like Maria’s allow us to continue to provide for our families, even during a very busy summer. We are so grateful for Maria and her daughters!”

We are honored to recognize Maria and her husband Ignacio as members of the Hearts & Hands Society. To learn more about how you can join them in keeping families close, visit