The Hearts & Hands Society is a group of individual donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually. Many families simply could not afford life-saving pediatric care without you. All children deserve access to quality medical care and heal faster with their families by their side.

hearts and hands society

Meet Our Members

Thank you to our 2023 Hearts & Hands Society Members

We are pleased to honor individual donors who contribute $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund as members of the Hearts & Hands Society. These generous individuals strengthen thousands of families each year and are integral to our ability to provide a comfortable “home-away-from-home.”

Hearts of Gold

Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Q. Ball III
Helen and Jimmy Carlos
Karen and Tom Chapman
Martha Clabby and Samuel Speck
Linda and Robert Fenner
The Hereford Family Foundation
David Johnson and Tamara Aldridge
Jeremy and Derek Littlefield
Julie and George Lott
Ashley and David Mast
Stephanie and Michael McDonald
Stephan Miller
Rachel and DJ Mitchell
The Morrison Family
Connie and Jim Nichols
The Taylor Family Foundation

Hearts of Healing

Anonymous (2)
Sloane and Brad Alford
Nancy Barnes
Kristina and Jon Bennett
Sheryl Blechner
The David M. & Donna T. Brown Fund
Vicki and Ron Canakaris
Meg and John R. Christian
Mary Virginia Davis
Susan and Richard Dugas
The Pranan Foundation, Inc.
Renée and Michael Hines
Beth and Bob Howell
Marianne and E.G. Lassiter
Liz and Scott Miller
Ruth and Burt Mirsky
Jan and J.M. Owens
Tara and Randy Parrish
Mary Parsons
Courtney and William Platt
Renee and Jim Schwarzkopf
Beverly and Richard Sparkmon
Wanda and Bob Swoszowski
William Tevendale
Kelly and Andrew Wilkinson

Hearts of Courage

Anonymous (4)
Kathy and Patrick Belinski
Ann and Jeremy Bryant
Whitney and Jason Buser
Debi and Jon Campbell
Maria and Ignacio Conde
Vivian de Jesus and Mike Hernandez
Greer and Colin Gallagher
Deborah Gallup
Joyce Glover
Michael and June Gossling Family Foundation
Dr. Robert and Traci Hooper
Marti and Owen Kenworthy
Lyn Kirkland
The Martin Family — Jon, Rachel, Evelyn, Alec and Olivia
Kylie and Zach McElveen
Roberto Mercade
Nicole Meyer
Amy and Brad Millard
Rosemary Miller
James Moore
Anne Adams and Kevin Moran
Sharlene and Charice Nash-Smith
Katie and Akash Patel
Nancy and John Patterson
The Pattillo Family Foundation
Randall-Paulson Architects
Angie and Robert Peterman
Lindsey Pierce
Maureen and Todd Pierce
Muriel and Richard Powell
Betsy Primm
Jan and Tony Raffa
The Eric Redmon Foundation
Anne and Michael Rieger
Katherine and John Rizzo
Mark and Sally Rosser
Sauer Family Charitable Trust
Mary and Bud Scannavino
Jodi and Bill Selvey
The Shoff Foundation, Inc.
Liz and Rob Shults
Wynnetta and Steven Simmons
Phebe and Rickey Smith
The Stahl Family
Sandy Taylor
Elizabeth and Michael Thompson
Judy and Bill Vogel
Susie and Mike Voynich
Tracy and Nick Wadhwania
Dawn and Wyatt Whaley
The Thomas T. and Bernice F. Irvin Foundation, Inc. through Jarad and Jennie Wilson

Hands of Compassion

Anna and Douglas Armistead
Tracey and Jeffrey Atwater
Karen and James Bailey
Donna and John Baumstark
Stacey and Greg Beasley
Caroline and Peter Bielan
JoAnn and Jim Bria
Lisa and Jason Brown
Kelly Buday
Don Campbell
Sara and Dennis Carey
Helen A. Carlos and Ron Hilliard
Patricia Carter
Henry Caughman
Tonya and Christopher Chelette
William Clear
Shannon and Tyler Courtney
Kyle Davis
Amy and Tom DeGoey
Thomasina Duncan
The Elkins Family
Sharna and Michael Epstein
Marta and Sean Farrell
Sherry and Vince Farrugia
Janet Fielding
Laura and Don Flinn
Marie and Brad Foster
Jonathan Fowler
Brian Fuller and Hil Harper
Kelly and Joe George
Gail and Edward Gilcrease
Marty and John Gillin
Ellen and Hill Griffin
Tom Hamil
Jodi and James Hodge
Steve and Melanie Hollis
Grace and Jeff Huang
Kelechi Ibedu
Kimberly and Robert Kingsfield
Vickie and Tom Kirbo
Ken Kupke and Martha McAllister
Kathy and Bill Lamar
David Lerner
Erin and Kyle Long
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lorenzo
S. Reid Markham III
Kristi and Jonathan McBryar
Lori and John McDevitt
Paul McKeon
Eileen McKown
Wendy and Matt Miller
Christine Norstadt
Ernest Parker
Mr. and Mrs. George Peterson
Joel Pugh
Naomi Quale
Troy Rice
Marietta and Orestes Rodriguez
John Romines
Melinda Runkle
Michael Scheper
Kearstin and Jacob Schmidt
Jon Stanford
Richard Tyson
Laura and Matthew Veneri
Ann and Bob Ward
Laura Webber
Donald Weber
Scott Westervelt
Karen and Marvin Whaley
Dana and Michael White
Kerris Wigfall
Dianne, Jack, John and Madison Willis
Daniel Yendro

Hands of Hope

Anonymous (9)
Mary and John Alden
Albert Alexander
Susana Alfonso
Eleanor Alligood
Jacqueline Alridge
Jyl and Jeffrey Andrews
Eileen Ash
Sue and Neil Axelrod
Hayley and Cliff Baker
Paige and Jeff Baker
Tracy and Michael Ballew
Chanda Barlow
Craig Barnes
Mark Bassett
Cromwell Baun
Brian Beam
Jim Bentinck-Smith
Caroline Blackmon
Elaine Blackmon
Anna and Rudy Bonaparte
Charles R Boswell
Jennifer and Scott Braynard
Berney Bridges
Lori and Tim Brooks
Laurent Brouqueyre
Robert Brown
Julian Brown
John Burnett
Kim and Brian Burns
Patricia A. Campos
Patricia Carpenter
Kathleen and Joschi Cassel
Cam and Kathy Catts
Stephen Chasteen
Raj Chokshi
Reagan Cink
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clack
Mary and John Claya
CeCe and Sean Coleman
Jennifer and Brian Costlow
Pamela and Ernest Cousson
Susan and Steve Creel
Rebecca Crum
Susan and Donald Cullen
Connie and Steve Custin
Karl Dasher
Carolyn and Hiram Davies
Nina and Rich DeAugustinis
Bill and Becky Donahue
William Dreyer
Joe and Pat Edwards Foundation
The Ellinburg Family
Sandra Erickson
Matthew Everett
Ann Fisher
Kari Flores
Karen and Edwin Fort
Rachel and Ron Frieson
Sandra and Scott Gardner
Brooke and James Gatlin III
Lisa and Gary Giesler
Linda Gold
Ashley Grace
Julie Granberry
Jennifer and Greg Greenbaum
Joseph Greenway
Anthony and Gina Greenwood
O’Shea and Shawn Guillory
Hope Guy
Ann E. Haight, M.D.
Jeanne Hamil
Douglas Hamilton
The Eastman-Hammett Family
Adrienne and Scott Hardesty
April Harkins
Amy and Rob Harris
Lafonda and Richard Harrison
Gene Haygood
Keli Hazel
Caitlin and Jeff Heidrick
Audrey, Natalie and Doug Herndon
Carolyn and Robert Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hildebrandt
Hindman Family Charitable Trust
Kurt and Katelyn Hockmeyer
Margaret and Geoff Hodgson
Theresa Holmgren
Hayes Holton
James Honick
Fran and Kevin Houston
Lane and Clark Howard
Shiroleen and John Hurt
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Hurwitz
Betty Jarrett
Gwen and Doug Johnson
Kate and Erik Johnson
Marianne Johnson-Rank
Katie and Blake Joiner
Julia Jones
Adam Jones
Cecy Jones
Lydia Jones
Amy and Baron Jordan
Daisy and Sebby Kannukkaden
PJ Karl
Hope and Craig Kaufman
Janice and Charles Kelley
Lynn and Curt Kennedy
Azam Khan
Jonathan Kilgore
Shelley Kim
Vikas Kumar and Parul Dev
Amanda and Chad Lackey
Ellen and Darryl Laddin
Karin Lane
Carol and Larry Langteau
Joan Lavin
Monique Lee
Marlies and Christopher Lepore
Michael Liberty
David Linsey
Melissa Little
Valerie Luke
Heather Manning
Stephanie and Christopher Marinac
Bridget Mason
Laura Mason
Dawn and Ron Mastin
Robert Mathews
Lisa McBride
Alicia and Christopher McCabe
Lyn and Michael McCool
Mary Alice McCullough
Catherine McGahan
Andrea and Patrick McGuire
Andrew McKnight
Megan McKnight-Bowen
Lisa and Sean McLaren
Cindy Melott
Laura and Sanford Mencher
Sunu and Sudhir Menon
Mickie and Mark Merlin
Christopher Milligan
Elizabeth and Nathan Mobley
Abby and Todd Mowinski
Carole Nelson
Mary Alice and Patrick NeSmith
Cindy and Mark Nofi
Sandy O’meara
Mr. and Mrs. John Hill O’Neal, Jr.
Janice and C.V. Oreal
Jennifer and Anthony Palmer
Linda Patrick
Brandyn Payne
Blaine Peacock
Daryl Pelletier
Denell Petty
Mary and Mike Plant
Alan and Courtney Poole
Joan and Neal Pope
Sheri Preston
Alyce H. Quillin
Jill and Dennis Quinn
Janet and Robert Rhoades
Linda and Norm Richardson
Vanessa Richardson
Patrick Rickard
Deirdre and Christopher Ritger
Nancy and Jeff Roesch
Marcia and Howard Rohan
Carolyn Rosing
Darren Ross
Mary and Jim Rowley
Mildred and Brian Savory
David Schille
Beth Schissel
Leigh Anne and John Schlafly
Melissa Schuermann
Dick Schweitzer
Becky Sharp
Sumita Shetty
Kristen Shiflett
Elizabeth and Scott Slayden
Holly and Stephen Smith
Morgan and Austin Smith
Kathy and Kevin Smith
Sandie Sparks
Debbie and Allen Stegall
Jennifer Still
Laura Stolfa
Clifford Suing
Elaine and Michael Szomjassy
Dr. and Mrs. James Tally
Clint Thacker
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Thigpen
Lindsey and Mark Tidwell
Carmen and Bob Titelman
David Travillion
Mamie and Tray Traynor
Tom Umstead
Robin and Bryan Vaughn
Matthew Walb
Brian Waldman and Samara Kaufman
Robert Walton
Jacquie and Jeff Wansley
Michael Watkins
Stephanie and Dan Wechsler
John West
Maureen Whelan
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrette White
Linda and Robert Whitehurst Jr.
Todd and Katherine Wickliffe, in honor of Isabel and Richard Wickliffe
Sally Williams
Anthony Wilson
Ray Winborne
Lynne Winship
Ming Wu
Katherine and David Zanaty

Legacy Circle

Willie L. Abrames*
Eileen Ash
Karen and Jim Bailey
Carol Jean Barrow*
James and JoAnn Bria
Etta Chatmon
Gerry Eaves*
C.L. Fain*
June Freeman*
Barbara Dillashaw Hodgkins*
Beth and Bob Howell
John and Shiroleen Hurt
Gilles Leclerc and Ying Zhang
David Lerner
Marinac Family
Betty and James McWilliams*
Kathy and Bob Morrison
Liz and Scott Miller
Lynn Vineyard Miller
Sharlene and Charice Nash-Smith
Cindy Nofi
Kimberly and Hal Nuckols
Muriel and Richard Powell
Nancy and Jeff Roesch
Mark and Sally Rosser
Becky Sharp
William Tevendale
Michael and Elizabeth Thompson
Tim* and Barbara Tyson
Bruce Vineyard Sr.*

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