The Vineyards

The Vineyards have KETCHUP in Their Veins and RMHC in Their Hearts

In Loving Memory of Bruce P. Vineyard, July 29, 1942-September 25, 2022

Bruce Vineyard

Bruce Vineyard talks with the legendary Fred Turner at a McDonald’s meeting.

Although its unproven, Philip Vineyard II has a “little theory” that  he may be the reason for his father’s commitment to the health   and well-being of children and families.

“I was a problem child, always had medical issues. My father was just starting out, working two jobs, and had three children. Mom had just returned to school.”

His father, Bruce, was just beginning what turned out to be a stellar, 64-year career “selling hamburgers” for McDonald’s, the go-to restaurant for families with children. 

Noting his father isn’t usually emotional, Philip has seen him break into tears when he encounters a sick child. “He then wants to spend the rest of the day playing games with them.”

Philip and his siblings — Lynn and Bruce Jr. — know that they inherited their father’s commitment to responsibility, discipline, and giving to others, along with his penchant for business. 

Lynn began cleaning dining room tables when she was 10. Bruce says he did the same chore at about age 4. Both stood on plastic milk crates to take drive-thru orders. Bruce’s voice was so young that customers called him “ma’am.” 

Today, Lynn and Bruce Jr. own 28 restaurants in southeast Metro Atlanta. Philip, an attorney, assists the family with legal matters, administers The Vineyard Foundation and chairs the Jacksonville, Florida Ronald McDonald House board.

The Vineyard Family

The Vineyard Family

These Houses resulted from Ray Kroc’s requirement that all Operators give back to their local communities. “Dad was among the early Owner/Operators who brought the first Ronald McDonald House to Atlanta,” says Lynn. “He was always big on giving to the House for it to be successful, not just for the brand, but for the children.”

And his children agree. “Since we love McDonald’s, we love the Ronald McDonald House,” says Lynn. “It’s nice to know you are helping families be close to their kids, and helping people who have supported your business.”

Bruce Jr. believes one of the most important things he does is train his employees to gain skills for a lifetime. And wanting more people to know about the Ronald McDonald Houses, he uses training time to introduce them to the family charity.

Lynn schedules employee meetings at the Ronald McDonald House to let their managers see what McDonald’s is about besides selling burgers and fries. 

The current generation of Vineyards contribute financially through their restaurants and personally. Their father donates through his foundation and estate planning, and their stepmother, Galia, has devoted many hours as a volunteer. They stress that anyone can donate their time, money and items the families need.

Philip points out that estate planning is an excellent way for people to support the Charity. 

Philip and his siblings are following their father’s example by including Atlanta RMHC in their wills and challenge others to join them in leaving a lasting legacy. In the words of their father, “it’s all for the children.”

How Will You Be Remembered?

With a little planning and a big heart you can strengthen sick children and their families today and for years to come.

  • Include Atlanta RMHC in your will or estate planning.
  • Name Atlanta RMHC the beneficiary of all or part of your retirement plan assets.
  • Name the Charity as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy.
  • Give appreciated stocks, bonds or other marketable securities and receive a tax benefit.
  • Create a charitable reminder trust to receive reliable payments while making a significant gift to support our mission.
  • Learn more.


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