Thank you, Bill Tevendale!

A big thank you to Bill Tevendale, a Hearts and Hands Society member, for matching gifts up to $10,000 during September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Matching gifts is just one of the many ways he gives back to Atlanta RMHC. Bill and his granddaughter, Sarah, have made welcome bags and snack kits for our families, but their favorite activity is to stock our pantry together.

Sarah takes the lead when shopping for the pantry items by picking out yummy snacks for our families. “I usually get candy because all kids love candy… and macaroni cups,” she says. Bill follows her with the cart and lifts the heavy things, like cases of water bottles.

Bill donates to Atlanta RMHC to help children and their families in times of greatest need. “Donating is an easy way that we can help these children with serious medical issues, and I don’t think most people know just how easy it is to donate to Atlanta RMHC or how great the need is,” he says. “That is why I am matching all gifts received by September 30 up to $10,000.”

Bill and Sarah