Meet the Georgia Institute of Technology Volunteers with BME Health Research

Meet the Georgia Institute of Technology student volunteers who have been helping at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses since summer 2015. A desire to extend the boundaries of their college education and  venture beyond textbooks and lecture halls into the realm of real-world impact inspired their volunteering.

“It was so much fun seeing all the families enjoy the meal,” says Elaissa, adding cooking for families is one of their favorite memories. “Seeing the kids’ faces light up and engaging with the parents will forever have a lasting impact.”

In addition to cooking for the families during their visits, the students lead kids through STEM activities. “The Ronald McDonald House serves as a sanctuary for families whose children are receiving treatment at nearby hospitals, and our class was there to engage the children in STEM activities that offer a temporary escape from their medical worries,” says Elaissa.

United by a desire to help, the Georgia Tech students find cheer in dedicating their undivided time to the children after classes.

“Witnessing the smiles of the children and sharing moments filled with learning and laughter has brought us such joy,” Elaissa says.