The Robinson Family

Meet the Robinsons: A Family on a Mission

Tom and Beth Robinson, from Fitzgerald, Georgia, are on a mission to adopt and love special needs or terminally ill children. Now the proud parents of 11 children, they have adopted seven children to raise along with their four biological children.

“Since 2013, they have been staying at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses. “It truly is a home away from home for our entire family,” Tom says.

“Our Gracie, with down syndrome, has many sensory issues, but loves everything about the Ronald McDonald House,” Tom says. “From the big tree house with lots of plush toys, the girls’ kitchen on the third floor, to game and craft rooms, she feels safe and loved here as we all do.”

The addition of their son, Timmy, at just 20 months old, taught Tom and Beth that there were children who needed forever homes. “Timmy helped us realize there were many more children who needed forever families, even though they might not have much time.” Timmy passed in 2016.

After Timmy, they heard about Sammy from Savannah. At 5 days old, Tom and Beth adopted Sammy to love until his passing. A year and a half later, they adopted Amy from Houston.

“God called, prepared and strengthened us for this life mission,” Tom says.

Since 2013, the Robinson family has averaged three to four visits a year to our Houses to accommodate their children’s medical appointments.

“Where else can so many special needs families, from all walks of life, with all different medical issues, get together to share, laugh, cry, and support each other?” Beth says. “We can exchange ideas on parenting. We can exchange favorite doctor’s names. We can encourage each other. We can listen. Sometimes we just sit together and know others understand our lives.”

“Gracie has made many friends with other children at the Ronald McDonald House. “Making friends is difficult for Gracie due to her medical issues,” Beth says. “Yet, she makes new friends every visit we make. It is a joy to see her able to interact with her peers in a happy, safe place.”

“Atlanta RMHC continues to make a profound impact on our family,” Tom says. “The staff and volunteers are tremendous, and so caring. With so much food readily available, it takes stress and guesswork out of meals. Gracie looks forward to seeing Betty Lou, when she’s there.”

“The Ronald McDonald House is our safe haven, not only for Gracie, but for me, as well,” Beth says. “Words cannot truly express how deeply we feel about staying there.”