Reagan and her donated pop tabs

Reagan makes a difference one pop-tab at a time

Reagan Borland is a special little girl who has made it her mission to support Atlanta RMHC through collecting pop tabs at her school. The Borland family taught Reagan the importance of giving back when family friends made a Ronald McDonald House their second home.

Family friends, Brad and Dana Dean, stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Nashville when their daughter, Lucy, was born with a severe heart defect. Through difficult times, multiple surgeries and emergency room visits, the Deans family relied on the comfort and refuge of the Ronald McDonald House. Therefore, Reagan’s family learned to love the mission of RMHC too!

When Reagan’s school, Murdock Elementary in Marietta, GA, started collecting pop tabs, her father explained to her how collecting pop tabs was helping other kids like their friend Lucy. Reagan has since been collecting pop tabs for more than a year and is better known as the “Pop Tab Queen of Marietta!” She even created her own pop-tab Houses to collect the tabs in when the original ones at her school were no longer present (pictured above). That didn’t slow her down one bit! Reagan decided to continue collecting them and has since been able to involve her family in the collection was well.

We are so thankful to have Reagan supporting our families one pop tab at a time!

To learn more about our pop-tab program, click here.