Angel Glover

Share the Love Spotlight: Angel Glover, One of Our Red Shoe Society Members

Thank you to our Share the Love Story Series sponsor, NAViGO. We so appreciate your support of our families. 

  1. Share the Love LogoWhy do you love Atlanta RMHC?
    I love being involved with Ronald McDonald House because it is a tangible organization whose sole mission is to keep families close during the hardest of times.
  2. How has Atlanta RMHC made a difference in your life?
    Atlanta RMHC has connected me with like-minded individuals and consistently reminds me of small blessings we often taken for granted — a safe space to sleep, a warm meal, a convenient environment for daily hospital visits.
  3. If you could describe the charity with one word, what would the word be and why?
    Atlanta RMHC does such a good job of keeping the house bright, light, clean, comfortable, and it is an overall cheerful place to rest after a tireless day of fluorescent hospital lights.
  4. Why do you believe it is important for the community to support Atlanta Ronald McDonald House?
    Atlanta Ronald McDonald House has exemplified the concept of community in a large metro area, by dedicating time and resources to keeping families close.
  5. Why do you give your time to Atlanta RMHC?
    Atlanta RMHC’s mission of keeping families close can be replicated across the city, county, state, and country. This purpose and unity is heartwarming, and I love spending time furthering their efforts.