Reese Backer

Share the Love Spotlight: Reese Baker, One of Our Teen Council Members

Thank you to our Share the Love Story Series sponsor, NAViGO. We so appreciate your support of our families. 

  1. Share the Love LogoWhy do you love Atlanta RMHC?
    I love the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities because of how much of a difference it truly makes in our community. It’s easy to see the extent to which RMHC impacts the lives of families. I love the community that Atlanta RMHC creates and the comfort it provides in times of need.
  2. How has Atlanta RMHC made a difference in your life?
    Atlanta RMHC has provided an opportunity for me to give back to my community in a special way. I have learned more about the immense impact that a simple toy for the holidays, a home-cooked meal or a friendly smile can have. The Charity has made such a positive difference in my life as I strive to make a difference in the lives of others.
  3. If you could describe the Charity with one word, what would the word be and why?
    If I could describe the Charity with one word, I would choose impactful. The support of RMHC positively impacts the lives of both families in need and its volunteers. Its significant impact is felt in the emotional, physical and financial assistance provided to children and their families during times of need. The lives of the volunteers are also greatly impacted by the countless opportunities to be involved in such a remarkable organization. The Charity’s notable impact is not only limited to our local community but is also felt around the world.
  4. Why do you give your time to Atlanta RMHC?
    I give my time to Atlanta RMHC because it is an exceptional organization that provides comfort and support in our community. I feel grateful to have been able to directly help families in need over the past three years through the Teen Council. I am always looking for more ways to give my time to Atlanta RMHC because the opportunities to make a difference are truly endless and the effects are incredibly impactful.
  5. What do you say when you talk about how important Atlanta RMHC is to you and your community?
    When I talk about the importance of Atlanta RMHC, I always encourage others to support this incredible Charity, as we are blessed to have two Ronald McDonald Houses in Atlanta. Their initiative and commitment to the children and families who stay at one of the Houses is both inspiring and impactful.