Sigma Thermal team

Sigma Thermal Serves Kindness with Lunch and Breakfast in Our Family Room

When a team of Sigma Thermal employees volunteered at our Ronald McDonald Family Room at Scottish Rite, they didn’t realize gratitude and a newfound appreciation for the little things in life topped the breakfast and lunch menus.

While it was their first time volunteering, it certainly won’t be “the last,” says Bonnie Stinson, a team leads. Her team chose Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities to volunteer at because of its unique services and mission. “It’s so important for the families to know that there are people out here who do care and are willing to help.”

The team settled on serving meals to the families as a way to contribute, whipping up breakfast and lunch for them. “To see the faces of these families and children is priceless.” She recalled seeing a young girl, around 13 or so, and although she was shy, she didn’t want to leave the room.

“The strength of the families, but specifically the children, who have to fight such battles,” Stinson said make her and the rest of the team want to remain active in the charity, “How can we just sit back and not help?”

Since their experience, Stinson noticed that many of her coworkers have begun to donate and volunteer their time more often. “Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities have touched us and inspired us to continue to help others.”