Slalom Team Rallies Support for Atlanta RMHC During COVID-19 Pandemic

Slalom Consulting LLC is one of the many meal groups who have pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic to help our families. When their meal group dates were cancelled for safety reasons, the group led by Reuben Hillard made the best of it.

Long-time volunteers at our House near Scottish Rite, Slalom had planned to prepare a two-day breakfast for the families. Instead, Reuben suggested the group use the money to collect urgent Wish List items and try to reach a $500 match.

After overwhelming support from his team, Reuben said his co-workers exceeded their match goal and raised $800.

“I knew the kids still needed us and I didn’t want to feel like the virus won,” Reuben says, adding helping Atlanta RMHC families made the Slalom team feel empowered against the coronavirus.

Reuben took the lead in tracking down urgent Wish List items. “I went to two different Walmart locations on different days after calling the night before to ensure I could secure paper towels and toilet paper,” he says. “Walmart has a limit on certain things where you can only buy two of each item, so gathering the products took some creativity.”

And, in securing the needed items, Reuben was careful. “I took all the necessary precautions to protect myself, like wearing gloves and going early in the morning,” Reuben says.

“If I could spread a message to others I would say, don’t feel defeated. In times like this, give what you can because it will make a difference,” Reuben says.