Happy Healers

The Happy Healers Adapt to Helping Atlanta RMHC Families During Pandemic

How You Can Help

Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities is thankful for the unwavering support of our volunteers in these uncertain times. Looking for ways to help during COVID-19, consider catering meals, donating meal gift cards under $20 for families to pick up meals, donating Wish List items!. Thank you for all you do to help us keep families close now more than ever.

The Happy Healers, a long-time meal group of 10 families with 40 adults and teenagers, have been cooking for our families at our House near Egleston on the last Friday of every month. When they had to stop for safety reasons during the pandemic, they switched to fundraising for catered meals.

“There are still children going to the hospital and there are still families who need to be served,” says Kiran Gill, a Happy Healers member. “We’re all still fortunate enough to receive three meals a day and have food on the table, so it is our duty to society to support these families.”

Each family made a $100 financial contribution and raised $1,000 in place of the meals they would have served.

Kiran and her family know how our families at the Ronald McDonald House feel. When her son was 8 years old, they visited Boston Children’s Hospital where he had open heart surgery to correct an atrial septal defect. “We know what these families are feeling and the difference our support makes,” Kiran says.

“I was passing by the House every day for work and one day I felt led to schedule a tour,” Kiran says. “After touring, I spoke with my son and some other families and we all agreed that we wanted to give our time to this charity. No one said no.”

The Happy Healers take their commitment seriously and meticulously plan their visits. The group even hosts meet and greets for others who may want to join!

“Our main purpose is leading our children to perform their due diligence to society. As parents, it is our duty to show them the difference they can make,” Kiran says. “The children have become so invested in Atlanta RMHC and they are truly missing their Fridays at the House near Egleston.”

“The best thing we did was find a purpose in helping the families at the Ronald McDonald House and now our children have found their purpose,” Kiran says.