Big Miller Grove Baptist Church

Big Miller Grove Baptist Church Serves Love and Kindness

For more than 30 years, Big Miller Grove Baptist Church has served meals to families at our House near Egleston. On the first Saturday of each month, you can expect members of the church’s various ministries to come with recipes and contagious energy in tow. It is because of this dedication that the church has been named the Gatewood House’s Meal Donor of the Year.

Their home-cooked meals are seasoned with love using fresh produce and poultry. Big Miller Grove Baptist members aid Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities making the Gatewood House a home away from home.

“These meals serve as a reminder of home and they’ve become memorable and anticipated by ARMHC families and staff alike,” says Kelsey McCullough, our volunteer manager.

Big Miller Grove Baptist Church’s involvement stems from their mission, which emphasizes community outreach.

“Part of our church’s vision is to utilize the strength and direction developed within to reach out to the community to serve the needs of God’s people,” says member Bridgette Murdaugh. “The House embodied this to our members, specifically several church mothers who spearheaded the group which quickly became a church-wide effort.”

Their continued support is as rewarding to them as much as it’s uplifting to the families and staff. “Every visit brings to mind memories of families who have shared their stories with us,” Bridgette says.

Church members view each visit as an opportunity to connect and wrap others in the love that they experience at the church weekly. “We are blessed as we aspire to bless others,” Bridgette says.