Woman with flowers

Flowers are Always in Bloom at our House

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Amaranthus Paper & Flora, a small business run by a mother and daughter duo looking to give back in their community. They craft and sell custom, colorful flowers that require little maintenance and last much longer than a real bouquet.

For each bouquet sold through the Amaranthus Paper & Flora Etsy shop, website or direct sales a bouquet will be donated to a family staying at our “home-away-from-home.

Co-owner Cherie Eastburn explains, “We strive to spread lively color and lasting joy through paper flowers that involve no watering, no wilting, no allergens and no fuss.” Cherie continues, “Typically, we are delighted that our flowers can add a splash of color to a workspace, make a special conversation piece in the home, or serve as a meaningful gift for a loved one. But we also hear touching stories of the hope and happiness our lasting blooms bring to friends suffering from cancer and other illnesses — especially those immunosuppressed patients who cannot receive live flowers or plants due to infection risk.

Cherie and Meredith’s donated bouquets will bring beauty and joy to our families who are unable to be around real flowers. Learn more about Amaranthus Paper & Flora’s giving inititive.