Ariel Goodson

Intern Spotlight: Ariel Goodson


Ariel Goodson is an Atlanta native and a Child and Family Development major with an Emphasis in Child Life. She will be graduating May 5, 2018 from Georgia Southern University.

“An Experience That Will Last a Lifetime”

Adjusting from the typical college student’s schedule, the idea of an internship seemed daunting, to say the least. Being a student is all I know, so I was beyond excited to take on this new task. As a student, I have always made an effort to dedicate whatever free time I had to work with the local Ronald McDonald House near my school. When it came time to interview for internships, I knew immediately that Atlanta RMHC was the place I wanted to be! Over the course of my internship, I have met so many amazing individuals and families who have opened my mind and heart far more than I ever expected.

As the only House intern this spring semester, I had a unique opportunity to learn about a variety of areas that make this Charity what it is. From the countless events organized to raise awareness and funds for families, to the everyday schedule of running a House, I have enjoyed this growing and learning experience. The events have shown me just how strong a community can be and how such an important cause can bring people together to help others in need.

My day-to day-tasks have allowed me the opportunity to know these families on a personal level and share in their triumphs when they receive good news or are able to go home. Atlanta RMHC has also taught me how to be a listening ear for these families experiencing dramatic life changes. It has been a privilege knowing these families and the extraordinary obstacles they have overcome.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and could not have asked for a better internship experience. As a naturally quiet person, Atlanta RMHC has helped me learn so much more about myself and what I am capable of. Through the nurturing staff, families, as well as the amazing volunteers, I have been introduced to a far more outgoing side of my personality. Being an intern with this organization has really helped me find my purpose and joy in helping others and has further cemented my career path in nursing.