Martiin Brower Atlanta volunteers

Volunteer Spotlight: Martin Brower Atlanta Dishes Out Diverse Dinners

“The people we have met, while serving them, are incredible. They teach us what it means to be hopeful and strong.”
Kevin Cannon, Martin Brower Atlanta Volunteer

Volunteer cooks from Martin Brower Atlanta include Kendall Lewis (front row, from left) and Jaye Cannon (second row from left); Joe Sturniolo, Monica Cannon, Sue Sturniolo, Todd Cargill, Ellen Cargill and Kevin Cannon.

For more than 20 years, Martin Brower Atlanta has served meals at our Peachtree-Dunwoody House, all because a former employee had helped with maintenance at the original house only to discover the meal donor program. He shared the volunteer opportunity with co-workers and they have been hooked ever since.

Kendall Lewis

Kendall Lewis, granddaughter of volunteer Kevin Cannon, helps the Martin Brower Atlanta volunteers cook dinner.

Kevin Cannon and his wife, Jaye, have been volunteering for 10 years with the group. They recognize how much it means to the families, considering the critical nature of their stay, and admit that the group gets more from the families then the families get from them.

“The people we have met, while serving them, are incredible. They teach us what it means to be hopeful and strong,” Kevin says.

Kevin and his co-volunteers don’t just cook dinner, they do so with flare. An all-time favorite meal includes roasted beef tenderloin, sautéed shrimp, oven roasted asparagus, potato casserole, crescent rolls and homemade dessert and drinks.

“Knowing that we have pleased the guests of the house means a great deal to us,” he says.

It’s not hard for Martin Brower Atlanta to enlist volunteers each month. In fact, the service has become somewhat of a family affair. “Even our granddaughter, Kendall, is learning what it means to serve others,” Kevin says.

“Serving the families each month, and spending time with our own family and friends as we volunteer, is a win-win. We are most grateful to be a part of such a wonderful place like the Ronald McDonald House,” Kevin says.


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