Family art piece of city skyline

Volunteer Spotlight: Bivi Franco

bivif1We would love to thank one of its most talented volunteers, Biviana (Bivi) Franco, for sharing her artistic gifts and consistent joy with everyone at the House.

Every year Bivi selects a few organizations to support with her art and we are lucky enough to be one of them. Bivi is a trained artist who strongly believes in using her talent to give back to others. She began volunteering at ARMHC five years ago by donating jewelry to the families staying at ARMHC from her own non-profit company, Feel Beautiful Today. Through this company Bivi conducts art workshops for patients and families at local cancer centers and hospitals.

Bivi’s involvement with the House eventually led her to volunteer as part of the Auction Committee, donating her own art work. “The feeling of satisfaction I felt when leaving the event was indescribable and it motivated me to find more ways to help.” Bivi now finds local artists who are interested in donating a piece of their art to be auctioned off. Her focus is to find artists who understand and support ARMHC’s mission and are willing to donate all proceeds from the sale of their art.

Prior to the Gala, Bivi also spends several weeks working with the House guests and families to create a unique art piece to be auctioned off to help raise funds for ARMHC.

One of Bivi’s favorite parts of volunteering at ARMHC is spending time with the families and witnessing the positive impact that ARMHC is having on their lives. “It is a blessing for me to be a small part of such an amazing organization, one that provides a home-away-from-home to patients and families, regardless of race or nationality.”

Bivi explains that she finds strong motivation in the mission of ARMHC. “Providing an environment where families can rest and find hope, in a moment where everything seems to be falling apart, is something that moves me to help in any way I can.”

Bivi encourages everyone to volunteer, not only for ARMHC’s sake but for their own sake. “Experience it once and you’ll be hooked.”