Kelsie and American Girl Doll

Meet Kelsie: She Donated American Girl Doll for House Guest


Phoenix, 2, won the doll.

Volunteer Kelsie Mattson, 11, saved up to buy an American Girl Doll and matching pajamas for a special little girl at one of our Houses.

Kelsie volunteered with her mom, Marsha at our Gatewood House and noticed a few little girls who didn’t have hair because they had some form of cancer. Wanting to give back, she saved up to buy a doll that would look like a little girl at the House.

Her hope is that she can spread joy and make another little girl smile. She also noticed many of our kids were wearing pajamas while they are in the House so she got matching pajamas for whom ever receives the doll.

The doll went to Phoenix, age 2, a bone marrow transplant, in a raffle drawing.