BMW Final Drawing

Meet Richard Schweitzer, Our 2021 BMW Raffle Winner

Richard Schweitzer winning the BMW

Richard Schweitzer winning the BMW

If you ask our 2021 BMW Raffle Grand Prize winner, Richard Schweitzer, 91, what the secret of a long healthy life is, he will say, “getting up each day and volunteering.”

Richard, from Atlanta, is a long-time Atlanta RMHC volunteer. He was joined by two other finalists, Cedric Miller and Cameron Zurbruegg, both long-time volunteers and supporters of Atlanta RMHC.

“It was natural for me to contribute and buy a raffle ticket this year,” Richard says. “I really enjoy volunteering at the House so it was a pleasure entering this raffle.”

Richard was presented the winning key to start the 2022 BMW during the November 15 Atlanta Hawks game. Each finalist chose a key to try, but only one key unlocked the BMW. Richard was the lucky winner.

“They punched each key, one after another, and I was the last one in the line,” Richard says. “I punched the key, and the door opened! At that moment all of the confetti shot up in the room and there was a guy with a big TV camera filming it all.

“I was really thrilled. This was the first real prize I’ve ever won,” Richard says. “I sat in the car and it was so comfortable, I had a wonderful time. The folks from Ronald McDonald House and BMW were very generous and kind and really know how to provide a good time.”

In addition to being a long-time volunteer, Richard is a member of our Hearts & Hands Society and finds it easy to support the children and families who rely on the Ronald McDonald Houses.

On November 18, Richard drove a 2022 BMW X3 off the Global Imports BMW lot. He then donated his Toyota to another charity that could directly use it and donated the value of it to Atlanta RMHC.

Richard looks forward to volunteering in person after the COVID pandemic.

“Being a part of a group to prepare the meals for the children and their parents, that was so much fun getting to chat with them,” Richard says. “Not only as you are serving, but after too. You talk to the children and ask them how their surgeries or treatments are and then talk with their parents, who are happy they had such good treatments. That was my favorite part of volunteering.”

Thanks to Richard and all our BMW Raffle supporters, we raised more than $205,322, which will provide 2,053 families a room for one night at our two Ronald McDonald Houses. Together, we’re keeping families with sick children close to one another and the life-saving medical care they need, when they need it most.