Two girls with their paintings for Red Shoe March

Red Shoe Society Members make our House feel like HOME.

All Red Shoe Society members agree — their favorite part of volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House is spending time with our families. No matter what the family activity provided- the atmosphere created for our families and the opportunities that arise from the comfort their visits bring is what our Red Shoe Society members love most about volunteering.

They love being able to provide an opportunity for parents to relax, take some time for themselves, or join in on activity time. Hearing the stories of our families and the gratitude they have for our Houses are some of the members’ favorite moments.

“The opportunity to have those conversations and provide parents with volunteers who are eager to listen is one of the best takeaways of our evenings at ARMHC,” they described.

Activity time with the Red Shoe Society also gives our families an opportunity to just let their kids be kids… no matter what they may be going through.

After each meal service, BINGO night or holiday-themed craft project, the first question Red Shoe Society members ask is, “When can we come back!?”  They love making someone elses day just a little bit brighter and we’re so thankful for their commitment to our mission!


Pictured: RSS member, Timberly, with one of our Atlanta RMHC patients.