Cromwell Baun

Share the Love Spotlight: Cromwell Baun, Atlanta RMHC Advisory Council Member

Thank you to our Share the Love Story Series sponsor, NAViGO. We so appreciate your support of our families. 

  1. Share the Love LogoWhy do you love Atlanta RMHC and/or what do you love the most about Atlanta RMHC?
    I love Atlanta RMHC because of its focus on supporting the health and well-being of children and families. The House provides a safe place for families to stay close to one another during periods in which their child is receiving treatment. It is very important that families stay together during these periods and the House offers the support and resources to those in need.
  2. How has Atlanta RMHC made a difference in your life?
    Atlanta RMHC has made a difference in my life as it has given me additional perspective on how important the family bond is when enduring adversity and that organizations, such as the Charity, are helping to keep families together to maintain the continuity of the family unit. Connecting with Atlanta RMHC families and hearing their stories of how the House has made such a positive impact in their lives, reinforces the importance of family and how significant the Atlanta RMHC mission is to those families in need.
  3. If you could describe the charity with one word, what would the word be and why?
    If I could describe the charity in one word it would be: Happiness. It’s hard not to walk into the House and feel how much love and positive energy there is all around you. From Betty Lou to volunteers serving dinner to the families staying at the house to the comforts that make the families feel at home, there’s such a feeling of happiness throughout.
  4. What do you say when you talk to friends and family about how important Atlanta RMHC is to you and the community at-large?
    When I talk to friends and family about how important Atlanta RMHC is to me, I first tell them why I am involved with the organization. I’m involved with the organization because I believe in its mission, to nurture the health and well-being of children and families. I then start to talk a little more about how the House keeps families together while a child is in treatment, physically through providing the family a place to stay and emotionally through the services provided by the staff and volunteers.  Then of course, I invite them to experience the joy and happiness for themselves by joining me for a House visit.
  5. Why do you support Atlanta RMHC?
    I support Atlanta RMHC because it serves an important role within our local community and I believe in its mission. I see the impact Atlanta RMHC has on the families it serves and I feel that the support I give to Atlanta RMHC is meaningful to the organization and those families.  I feel part of something special.


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