The Jones Family

The James Family Connects with Pebble Tossers to Support Atlanta RMHC Families

Meet the James family who helped our families at both of our Ronald McDonald Houses with our long-time volunteer group, the Pebble Tossers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pebble Tossers, a nonprofit organization, empowers and equips youth to lead through service. The organization allows families to schedule various service opportunities through its website.

“I was looking for an avenue to get our family more involved in the community and Pebble Tossers really allowed my children to be engaged in their service commitments,” says mom Victoria James.

Through the Pebble Tossers, Victoria, mother to twin seventh-grade boys, discovered wonderful ways for her family to become more involved in the community.

Her twins applied for a Pebble Tossers grant on behalf of Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities to help our families. The Pebble Tossers received a $10,000 grant from Halle Tecco, which was divided into $1,000 increments for children to apply for on behalf of a nonprofit of their choice.

The James family agreed to use the grant to cater meals for our families during the pandemic. “The last thing these families need to worry about right now is how they are going to get food,” Victoria says. “The boys researched different places for catering and they decided on providing Jason’s Deli to the families at the House.”

In addition to providing meals, the James family used the left over money to buy needed items on our Wish List.

“Helping provide for these families has been a wonderful way to build compassion,” Victoria says. “The strongest way to get involved as a family is by helping other families who may be struggling.”