Noble Novelis Meal Donor Team

Volunteer Spotlight: The Noble Novelis Meal Donor Team

Mary Stockstill is a born leader. So, naturally she is the driving force behind the Novelis meal donor team that serves dinner and brunch once a month at the Peachtree-Dunwoody House.

Mary’s dedication to the families runs deep, and she feels “fortunate and blessed,” to cook meals for our families with a wonderful group of co-workers. It’s fair to say that the feelings are mutual.

The Novelis team served its first meal in July 2017. This team quickly grew in size so, they soon committed to serving weekend brunch also, which allows employee families to join the volunteer efforts.

“Putting ourselves in their place, we realize how comforting it is to have a delicious home cooked meal when they are going through all their challenges,” Mary says.

Apparently, some of the Peachtree-Dunwoody families have even joined the Novelis donor meal team in cooking. This comfortable connection brings the Novelis team back month after month.

Mary and her team are a great example of how the positive impact of simple volunteer efforts can extend further than a satisfied hunger; one act of kindness can promote happiness, health and even healing.

Noble the therapy dogOne of Mary’s most sentimental memories, predates the new House. Fair warning, this memory may trigger tears. “We were serving dinner on “Noble night,” and we had just finished cleaning up, when the magnificent dog, Noble, came in,” Mary says.

One of the patients whispered to Mary that he wanted to walk the dog. This patient, in particular, was sitting in a wheelchair, so Mary handed him the leash soon to realize that the boy wanted to get up from his wheelchair and literally walk the dog. So, she walked behind him, supporting him while he took Noble for a proper walk around the House.

“Fortunately, he could not see behind as I was crying with joy,” Mary says. This boy’s father was overjoyed because the boy was having a hard time in therapy, but with Noble, he got up and walked through the whole House!”