Children painting butterflies at the house

Volunteer Kristin Brings Transformative Artwork and Play to our House!

Our volunteers bring joy and comfort to our Houses in their own creative way. Each week, activity volunteers bring games, crafts and ideas to our families that give them something fun to focus on during their days of treatment and recovery. Volunteers like Kristin Thureson bring special inspiration and imagination to our families. Their efforts help strengthen our families and our mission at Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Kristin first got involved with our mission after hearing one of our volunteer managers speak at a corporate event. The idea of leading an activity peaked Kristin’s interest so she signed up.

“After leading an activity once at the House, I was hooked. I love connecting with the residents and hearing their stories. And if I can relieve a little of their stress for just a few moments, it makes it all worthwhile,” Kristin said.

When volunteering for an evening activity, Kristin brings her paints, canvases and servant heart to our House near Egleston. This Monday, Kristin chose a unique theme for our families to paint.

“I chose for us to paint butterflies because they are a symbol of transformation and we had a lot of fun during the evening. I am always humbled by the strength and courage of the residents and I’m privileged to share in the memories they will have of the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House,” Kristin said.

Volunteers like Kristin embody our mission to nurture the health and well-being of children and families! We love the unique, cheerful memories that our volunteers bring our families at their “home-away-from-home.”