Ronald Mcdonald

Volunteer Spotlight: David Sullivan

“Being able to walk away each week feeling that I made an impact on the families is the best part of volunteering.”- David Sullivan

David started volunteering at our House near Egleston in October 2016 after retiring and wanting to donate his time to an organization he felt passionate about. Once he discovered Atlanta RMHC, he knew our Houses would be the perfect fit. David originally signed up to be one of our “Kitchen Kings,” helping keep the kitchen tidy, but has been able to do so much more.

As described by our Volunteer Services Manager, “David is an amazing handyman who can fix anything!” From assembling tricycles, play tents, and sand tables to changing light bulbs and vacuuming H-VAC units, David has done it all. He has even been so generous to take some repairs home to complete them in his shop. The chance to interact with our families and energetic staff inspires David’s hard work week to week.

Our passionate and hardworking volunteers are the heartbeat of Atlanta RMHC! We are so thankful to call David one of our amazing volunteers.