Max from Game Givers

Volunteer Spotlight: Game Givers

Though our volunteers at Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities serve our families in unique ways, they all share the desire to bring the families in our Houses strength and comfort. Recently, our House near Scottish Rite received a special donation from one of our younger volunteers that brightens our families’ hospital experience daily. Max Rubenstein, a high school student, brings our families video games.

Max has been an active volunteer in his community his whole life. At 8 years old, he started a program where old school uniforms could be donated to children in Malawi, Africa. Recently, Max was inspired to help a different group of children. Inspired by the love of video games he shared with his late grandmother, who battled ovarian cancer. Together, as grandmother and grandson, they enjoyed playing together and Max recognized the comfort such an activity could bring hospitalized children and their families.

“I saw an opportunity and a need, and I acted on it,” Max said.maxheadshot

In August 2015, Max launched Game Givers, a charity that collects and distributes video game for hospitalized children.

“I knew if I was in these kids’ situations, I would want someone to do the same for me,” says Max. “I may not be able to find the cure to these kid’s illnesses, but hopefully I can make their days a little bit brighter.”

Though Max had originally set his donation goal at $2,000, then monetary, game and console donations to Game Givers has already hit $7,000 and donations continue to be made.

We have no plan to stop anytime soon,” says Max. “We are growing very fast and have launched a new partnership with Children’s Hospital of Georgia in Augusta. I hope to expand to other hospitals around the country throughout 2016.

With big dreams for his charity, Max is hoping to reach more children and improve more hospital stays. Volunteers like Max, who bring passion, joy and comfort to our Houses, help our mission to keep families close during their stay.